New Post on Good.Food.Stories.

I have a post about the very accessible art of homemade ice cream on the fabulous website Good.Food.Stories. Every word is true. I really did drop out of the homemade ice cream scene for, like, four years. All because of frozen breast milk. Just read it, and enjoy my recipe for vegan basil-mint ice cream. It's killer.

And as a teaser, enjoy this hypnotic video of the basil-mint ice cream as it's churning. 

Why Conference? Because I Said So!

Back in March, I attended my first IACP conference (that's International Association of Culinary Professionals, for you uninitiated folks). And I loved it, even though I was nervous beforehand. Professional development conferences can be intimidating. I've been to a number of them and hung back, thinking I was not cool enough to run with the big dogs. But this time was different. Why? Read this article I wrote for the IACP Test Kitchen Professionals newsletter to find out. There's stuff in there that might be helpful to is worth anyone heading to a potentially intimidating conference, not just one about food.