Make a Summer Hibiscus Beer Cocktail

Tart and tangy hibiscus beer cocktail. For a copywriting client. It's a sweet gig.

Usually I keep my copywriting life separate from my own personal writing, in part to distinguish my personal voice from the ones I slip into when writing content for clients. Transparency is important to me. I don’t partner with PR firms to write about products on Sausagetarian, for various reasons (PR agencies have not been approaching me, for one), and that’s okay. I did a little of that with a pasture-raised veal producer on an old blog, and while I felt their products were fantastic, it just was not a good fit for either party involved. I'm a little too left-of-center to make that click on my own web turf.

But I’m going to break form and share a blog post I wrote for the company I create web content for, Heirloom Finds Jewelry. And that's because they recently asked me to develop a signature Heirloom Finds beer cocktail for their blog. So this? It does click. I get to comb through bins of jewelry in their headquarters and pull out funky bracelets and necklaces to integrate in food styling. It’s awesome! The staffers that I collaborate with are open to new ideas and committed to delivering content that’s engaging and useful, not just SEO-driven drivel. I really feel like part of the Heirloom Finds family. Also, they are my go-to tasters when I’m developing recipes for my vegan baking project. They know good food!

Here’s that beer cocktail, the First Blush. If you dig statement jewelry that’s unexpectedly affordable, check out their site; by selling online, they can keep their prices low.