Monkey Business Photography

Melanie Tienter took the photos for Tasting Ohio. I love how she gets so excited about the textures and lighting in a shot of, say, a platter full of buttered peirogi. She's an ace food photographer.

Paste Magazine

I'm the food editor emeritus of this pop culture website. 

Roberts Family Photography

Andi Roberts took the photos on my site. She's got a great eye, a positive outlook, and is a blast to work with. This lady lets the real you shine bright.


Caroline Eells Waller brings richness and joy to her floral designs. They take my breath away. She's got dirt under her nails and petals on her walkway. 

Joe Ryckebosch Tape Art

I am married to this guy. 

Nikki Butler Design

Nikki's a graphic designer who loves to sew.  She's also a media whiz.

Full Grown People

Mind-blowing essays in your inbox two times a week. I'm so fortunate to contribute to this site, but even more fortunate to read the knockout writing and unexpected perspectives it offers.

Clutch MOV

An online magazine championing the Mid-Ohio Valley, Clutch MOV marries great design with a nose for the abundance and charm that pulled me back to this nook of the country. 

justAjar Design Press

A collaboration between Sara (design) and Bobby (printing) here in Marietta, Ohio. Bobby did the covers for The Pocket Pawpaw Cookbook.

Leigh Cox

Do you need portrait of a drunk author, or a tote bag with a bird of prey on it? Leigh is your woman. She drew the spot illustrations for my pawpaw zine. 

International Association of Culinary Professionals

A supportive group of career-minded culinary professionals.  

Hades Ladies 

I live my second life as Carrion the Librarian, newbie bocker/jammer with the Mid-Ohio Valley's own roller derby team.