Yogurt Making Workshop


Yogurt Making Workshop



at IncSwell, 2nd Floor Studio, 204 Fourth Street, Marietta, Ohio

Do you love yogurt? You can make incredible yogurt at home with simple equipment, and this class will show you how.

I began making my own yogurt at home because I couldn’t find a plain, whole-milk organic yogurt in town. Now I LOVE making yogurt, and I know you will too! I’ll show you:

  • How to make cow’s milk yogurt

  • Important differences between a commercial culture and an heirloom culture

  • How to create a realistic schedule for making yogurt every week

  • Multiple low-cost methods for incubating yogurt

  • How to strain yogurt

  • Things to do with yogurt whey

  • Yogurt troubleshooting

This class is a two-hour demo, with samples of yogurt and tasty things made with yogurt.

Cost is $60. You'll get a half-pint jar of homemade yogurt, an heirloom yogurt starter so you can make yogurt at home, a packet with step-by-step instructions and 8 fullproof recipes, and invaluable personalized advice that a YouTube video simply can’t deliver. Also, because this is a Saturday afternoon, there will be sangria. It goes with yogurt, right?

Questions? Call Sara Bir at 503-764-9544 or email sryckebosch@gmail.com.

Sara Bir is a chef, cookbook author, Instant Pot lover, and avid maker of yogurt.

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